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Message from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Chairman’s Message

ImageJissen Women's Educational Institute
Chairman Toru Ihara

Jissen Women’s Educational Institute was founded by our established Utako Shimoda on May 7, 1899 at 2-4 Motozono-cho, Kojimachi-ku, Tokyo (now 3-8 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku) as two private schools: the Imperial Women’s Association’s Jissen Girls’ School and Girls’ Polytechnic. Following this, in 1903, it moved to its present location in Shibuya in central Tokyo, and in 1908, the two schools were combined into one private school renamed Jissen Girls’ School.

The educational philosophy promoted by our founder was “Develop the sense of morality particular to Japan, apply progressive scientific principles, strive to teach practical science that should be adapted to present day society, and nurture women who are independent and have the power of execution.” The school name “Jissen”, which means “practical”, is a direct demonstration of this philosophy.

In the 21st century society, referred to as a knowledge-based society, the changes are rapid and the emphasis is on educated workers. At Jissen, we adhere strictly to the founder’s philosophy described above and perform education with the target of nurturing women of dignity who can display independence, creativity, and practical ability, and who can contribute to society in various fields. Furthermore, we have carried out various reforms over the years, and even now, we are laying the foundations for “Further strengthening and improving the quality of our education” and are combining the efforts of the whole school in tackling the remaining problems of reform.

Jissen now has two campuses: the Shibuya campus is occupied by the Junior High School and Senior High School, and of the two campuses at Hino on the outskirts of Tokyo, the Osakaue campus is occupied by the Institute headquarters, the University and the graduate school, while the Shinmei campus is home to the Junior College. From April 2014, the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University, along with the Departments of Japanese Communication and English Communication of the Junior College, will return to Shibuya. As a result, Jissen’s higher level education will be divided into two environmentally and structurally different types: city center type education at the Shibuya Campus and local core type education at the Hino Campus. I sincerely hope for even greater understanding and assistance from all of you as we make this move.

We will continue our efforts to send promising and talented people into society by placing great value on the public recognition that we have gained and the nearly 120 years of history and tradition that have passed since our foundation.

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