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Overseas Network


In the ever-increasing move to globalization in present day society, great importance is being placed on promotion of overseas student exchange, understanding of other cultures, strengthening of foreign language ability, and nurturing of international sensitivity.

Jissen founder, Utako Shimoda, carried out revolutionary international exchange education in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including going on an observation tour of education in various countries in Europe and America in the 1890s and welcoming many students from China in the early 1900s.

Jissen has inherited these educational ideals and traditions, and carries out various overseas study programs and international exchange.

Receiving exchange students from overseas

At present, Jissen Women's University is receiving overseas exchange students from our Overseas Partnership Schools in China, South Korea, Canada, and The Netherlands.
These overseas exchange students are provided with a study program that matches their Japanese ability.

Overseas Partnership Schools

Jissen Women's University

  • Communication University of China
  • University of the Fraser Valley (Canada)
  • Dankook University (South Korea)
  • Hogeschool Zuyd, University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands)

Jissen Women's Junior College

  • Stotts’ Colleges (Australia) (Jissen → Stotts’ only)
  • Sunshine Coast University (Australia) (transfer after graduation) Previous graduates are also eligible

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