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Preparations for the 120th Anniversary

Establishment of two campuses at Hino and Shibuya (Preparations for the 120th Anniversary)

From April 2014, Jissen Women’s University and Jissen Women’s Junior College will carry out their education and research activities on two campuses. Jissen Women’s Junior College and two of the Jissen Women’s University faculties (Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences) will move to the Shibuya Campus, while the University’s Faculty of Human Life Sciences will stay at the Hino (Osakaue) Campus.

Shibuya campus

We have created a city-center-type campus at Shibuya, which is a center of culture in Tokyo.


The university Shibuya campus was constructed on the site previously occupied by the high school gymnasium. One of its attractions is that this is a green area even though it is in Shibuya. It has been designed so that it creates a relaxing environment inside the campus that is conducive to study. We have made a place where students can meet together in nature, planting trees and flowers to allow people to enjoy the color scheme of all four seasons and a School Song Memorial grove centered on the large camphor tree which has watched over the growth of our students and the history of Jissen from olden times. The building has a neat, simple design that is a perfect fit for a tranquil educational district and embodies the Jissen’s educational ideals of “Dignity and Elegance” and “Independence and Self-Management”. Various facilities have been introduced that will promote student activities, such as workrooms provided for self-study, club activities and cultural activities, and the Sky Lounge, which looks out onto a roof garden located on the roof of the cafeteria. In January 2012, the Jissen Sakura Kai building was newly built inside the Shibuya campus, with the aim of ensuring an even stronger connection with our Alumnae Association. To ensure the construction of a building where we can live in harmony with the residents of the surrounding areas, we have continually confirmed the effect of the building on the environment and followed a construction plan to ensure that the night lighting will not cause any light pollution in the surrounding residential areas and that the building itself will not create any strong winds.

Hino campus

Hino Campus, aimed at strengthened local cooperation and contribution to local society.

ImageThis campus, surrounded by greenery, provides facilities to carry out research in fields of interest and an environment to spend a rich college life.

From 2014, Hino campus will be the home of the Faculty of Human Life Sciences and its graduate school. This will enable students to make the most of the particularly frank and free atmosphere of the Tama area and develop their studies with weight given to local cooperation and contribution to local society. We will continue to report to the local area and the world the results of our education and research into the fields of clothing, food, shelter, children, and health, which are strongly connected with the daily life of local citizens. Furthermore, to concentrate efforts on far-reaching and variegated experiments and practical studies, we are designing a complete array of equipment using the spacious area of the Hino campus. Since the time Jissen was founded, our core concept has been the “nurturing of women who have ambition to contribute to society”. Together with using the latest results of research born on the Hino campus to contribute to society, we aim to develop as the “focal point of lifetime study for women” and spread the buds of knowledge to the local society.

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