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Campus Activities

Jissen Women’s University students actively carry out a wide range of campus activities ranging from Japanese classical arts to all types of sports.

Student clubs and circles


At Jissen Women’s University, the students themselves, under the Student Council, have formed a large number of student-run clubs and circles that carry out various activities.
The Students’ Society plans various activities, such as organizing the Students’ General Meeting, and running the welcome party for new students and the students’ Christmas party.
The Students’ Society also has various subgroups, such as the Cultural Association and the Sports Association, and carries out various club and circle activities, ranging from Japanese classical arts to all types of sports.

Omote Senke Tea Ceremony Room


In addition to club activities, an Omote Senke Tea Ceremony Room is operated at Jissen Women’s University as one link in the chain aiming at nurturing women who can fulfill the Jissen educational ideal of “Dignity and Elegance” and “Independence and Self-Management”. Students can practice in the time between classes and can obtain a license.
Every year, many of our students use the tea ceremony room to study Japanese culture and manners, while at the same time spending their time in a spiritually rich way.

Volunteer Work

For students who want to act as volunteers, we provide volunteer information from inside and outside the campus, and give support to such activities. The volunteer information is given on the Student Support Section noticeboard.

Sakura Cafe


On the second floor of Sakura Hall at the Hino Campus, Jissen student volunteer staff operate the Sakura Café.
This café was opened in October 2011 as a response to our students’ idea of “Let’s give a boost to Jissen”. Starting with hospitality toward customers and provision of food, all parts of the operation, such as finding staff and suggesting menus, are decided by the volunteer staff students themselves.

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