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Health Care

We give support to our students to enable them to acquire the ability to care for themselves and improve their health as independent women during the years of their student life.
We aid in the selection of accurate health information and acquiring that as knowledge, and support the nurturing of practical ability so that our students can carry out their daily activities in a healthy way.
If students have problems, they can receive the support of the staff of the Clinic and Student Counseling Office.


To enable our students to live their college life in a meaningful way, we offer the following support at the clinic. The content of negotiations in the clinic is never revealed to other people without the agreement of the student concerned. We provide an environment where students can use our services without feeling anxiety, so please do not hesitate to come if you need our assistance.

Student Counseling Office

The Student Counseling Office is a counseling organization set up for Jissen students.

The office staff provide genuine empathetic consultations to the students to find out how to address their problems, to give advice, and, if necessary, to introduce the students to a specialist or specialist organization or to the appropriate point of contact in the University.
Consultations are given to individuals as well as to groups. The content of the consultations in the counseling office is kept in strict secrecy.

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