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The library is divided into the Shibuya Campus and the Hino Campus Library. The combined total for Japanese and Western books is 570,000 volumes. Students and teachers may borrow books from either of these libraries and they can be supplied with materials from both libraries through the common search system.
In order to enrich the library service, and with the purpose of the cultural development and contribution to local society, the Jissen library signed an agreement in 2007 for mutual cooperation with the Hino City library. This service is still in operation.

Hino Campus library


The reading materials held in the Hino Campus library are centered on academic journals and materials for research needed by the Faculty of Human Life Sciences. These are available for lending. The highlight of the library is the vertical open space rising from the 2nd floor below ground to the 2nd floor above ground.
The library contains various special collections. Among them are the Kurokawa Collection, Tokiwa Collection, and Yamagishi Tokuhei Collection of classic books of Japanese literature, and the materials related to Utako Shimoda, which are centered on the materials belonging to Utako Shimoda, the founder of Jissen.
This library is a member of the West Tokyo Universities Library Council.

Shibuya Campus library

The reading materials held in the Shibuya Campus library are centered on academic journals and materials for research needed by the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Humanities, and the Junior College. These are available for lending.

Shibuya Campus library concept


People meeting people, people meeting information, people meeting materials.
Meeting place

1st floor Mukoda Kuniko Gallery
Concept: Enter the world (works) of Mukoda Kuniko

2nd floor Library public zone (main floor)
Concept: Quiet space with private zone (personal reading room)

3rd floor Library = Computer lounge (communication zone)
Concept: Open space where people come in contact with information
Group Learning Room Concept: Multi-purpose space with high mobility
PC Room Concept: 2-way learning support space

Use of library by visitors

Visitors who wish to use the Jissen libraries need an introduction from the library of their own institution (or local public library). Please check first through your own library to confirm that the book you want is available, then apply for use. Please note that use of the library by individuals is not permitted without prior contact.

Note: “Library of their own institution”
For students: Their own school library
For company workers: Their own company library or materials room
For individuals: Their local public library



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