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Kosetsu Memorial Museum


The Kosetsu Memorial Hall was built at the Hino Campus in May 1999 as part of the project to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Jissen Women’s Educational Institute. The name “Kosetsu” comes from the pen name given to our founder Utako Shimoda by the Empress of Japan.
The forerunner of Kosetsu Memorial Hall was an art material exhibition room opened in October 1980 at the University, which was at that time in Shibuya. In 1985, the University moved to the Hino Campus and a Japanese and Oriental Art Exhibition Room was opened in the main building which was used for exhibitions and as a practice room for museum studies. This room was upgraded as the Kosetsu Memorial Museum at the Hino Campus and opened as a full-scale museum facility.


In April 2014, with the opening of the new Shibuya Campus, the Kosetsu Memorial Museum moved to the Shibuya Campus to a facility planned for exhibitions that enables viewing in more familiar surroundings.
The Kosetsu Memorial Museum, in line with its history up to now, will now be used for a large variety of functions, starting with exhibits of materials related to our founder, Utako Shimoda, and including works by female artists, exhibitions to introduce cultural activities by women, and exhibits related to the various specialties within our university. It will also be used for exhibitions of the works of past and present students.

Using the Museum

Hours of Opening: 11:00 – 17:00
Days Closed: Saturday, Sunday, National holidays, University vacations
It may also be closed when there is no exhibition on display.
For details, please use link for the exhibition schedule below.

Admission: Free
Please feel free to come in when there is an exhibition.
When you enter the campus, please tell the guard at the reception on the right side of the entrance that you have come to see the exhibition (tenjikai).


The Kosetsu Memorial Museum is on the 1st Floor, diagonally opposite the main entrance of the 120th Anniversary Building of the Shibuya Campus


Click below for details of exhibitions.

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