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University Ideology

Ideology of Jissen Women’s Educational Institute

Based on the founding philosophy of our founder, Utako Shimoda, Jissen Women’s Educational Institute emphasizes the nurturing of women who can display “Dignity and Elegance” and “Independence and Self-Management” as its educational ideal.

Nurturing women with dignity, elegance, independence and self-management



Our founder Utako Shimoda showed strong determination to carry out realistic and practical education widely for women in order to develop Japanese society. Jissen has inherited this philosophy unchanged as our founding spirit. When carrying out education based on this founding spirit, Jissen displays the following ideals.

One of the teachings that our founder Utako Shimoda left us is that the nature of women, abounding in purity and benevolence will rectify social injustices through the pure moral character and rich sentiments of women, and will bring about supreme bliss throughout the world.

Jissen expects that each student will strive to cultivate this moral character, hard on the inside and soft on the outside, meeting the demands of the spirit of the times, with repeated suitable training, making unceasing progress and improvement, living up to her principles and fulfilling the duty of promoting world peace and the well-being of mankind.

Therefore, as well as carrying out teaching and research of profound scholarship, Jissen is endeavoring to nurture women who can display dignity and elegance, together with independence and self-management, and at the same time, becoming more cultured and endowed with knowledge while maintaining a healthy body.

Compared with the end of the 19th century, there are far more opportunities for women to take an active part in modern-day society. In this society environment, what should women’s education in Japan aim to do?

We think that in modern-day society also, women, with their moral character and nature of purity and magnanimity, can play a role that men cannot accomplish. We aim to expand these women’s fortes by having them master realistic and practical studies backed up by a broadly cultivated mind, and make them into women that we can send out into the world to play an active part in various settings, both in society and in the home. This is the educational ideal of Jissen.

Jissen will continue to provide women’s education to enable each student to make effective use of her individuality and be radiant in her own way based on her individual womanliness in a diverse social environment.

  • Practical education backed up by tradition
  • Fine-tuned education taking good care of our students
  • Education to nurture womanliness for modern-day society

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