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Departments, Content of Teaching

In the Faculty of Humanities, we aim to endow our students with a broad range of knowledge in the various fields of Japanese, Eastern and Western literature, language, and art, and strive to nurture talented people who can contribute to modern-day society. The faculty consists of three departments: Japanese Literature, English, and Aesthetics and Art History. The content of teaching for each department is as follows.

Department of Japanese Literature


Acquiring rich sensitivity and expression through the study of literary works

We cover a wide range of Japanese Literature from early times to present day, including manga and other subcultures. By reading literature of various periods and learning about the life and times of selected writers, we help our students to increase their sensitivity and find their inner selves. Our aim is to nurture our students’ ability to think independently and to express their own thoughts and opinions in beautiful Japanese. Our curriculum includes study of the historical formation and transition of the Japanese Language (Japanese Linguistics) and study of foreign literary sources that have had great influence on Japanese Literature (Chinese Classical Literature).

Department of English


Developing practical English skills while exploring British literature, American literature, and English linguistics

Students in the Department of English conduct research centered on British and American literature and culture, and English linguistics. Students will learn to read literature from the English-speaking world in the original language. In so doing, they will explore the cultures and
values of different periods of British and American history. Studying English linguistics, students will learn formal and social aspects of the English language and language in general. In addition to gaining English proficiency in the four skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking, students will also develop presentation skills so that they may express their own thoughts in their second language.

Department of Aesthetics and Art History


Acquiring thinking ability when seeking the attractions of art with your own eyes Aesthetics and Art History means researching works of art

The research covers a wide range of fields and eras in Japanese, Chinese, and Western art, centered on paintings and sculpture, but also including a wide variety of designs and image media. It is of course possible to come in contact with genuine works of art and also to study composition in courses related to teaching art. Our aim is to nurture students who will become familiar with works of Eastern and Western art of all ages and with a variety of senses of value, and will develop the power to express and impart knowledge of art in words.

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