Jissen By The Numbers

  • [125+] Years since Jissen was founded by Utako
  • [4,500+] Students
  • [11] Departments
  • [6] Graduate programs
  • [4] The number of partnership
  • [14:1] Supporter-to-student ratio
  • [56] Professional certification programs
  • [700,000+] Volumes in the library collection
  • [96.2%] High job placement ratio
  • [200+] Companies offering PBL/Internship opportunities

Meet Our Students

  • I had an amazing time! Intensive Japanese Language Program


  • Hello from Netherland! Intensive Japanese Language Program


  • The reason why I came to Japan Jissen…
    International Exchange Program


The Tale of Genji

Jissen Women's University has devoted itself to the study and teaching of The Tale of Genji since its founding in 1899. It is widely known in the academic community that the professors of the Department of Japanese Literature have led the study of The Tale of Genji in the postwar period, starting with the lectures by Utako Shimoda, the university’s founder. The process of collecting old manuscripts related to The Tale of Genji continues to this day, and the existing collection is regarded as one of the best in Japan. Presently, we have advanced to a new stage of research using modern science and technology, and are disseminating the findings of this research worldwide. Embracing the tradition established by the founder of the university and developing it in accordance with the needs of modern era, Jissen Women's University continues to move forward as an institution widely known for The Tale of Genji.

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