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Societal Activities

The following are various activities undertaken by Jissen Women’s University, starting with the 120th anniversary reconstruction project.

Activities to construct educational environment (120th anniversary reconstruction project)

From April 2014, Jissen Women’s University will be divided into two campuses (Hino and Shibuya) and work will go on to further improve the educational and research environment.

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Activities to protect global environment

Introduction of ESCO Project

As part of our environmental activities at our Hino campus, we introduced the ESCO project in 2009 and upgraded some of our facilities.

At the University, for our ESCO project, we changed the air-conditioning system in the main building from a heat-source boiler to a high-efficiency air-cooled heat pump (the main building energy-saving project). At the same time, we introduced high-efficiency lighting and upgraded our air-conditioning to achieve considerable energy-saving. This project was adopted as an energy-saving project for existing buildings by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and was granted a subsidy and received the assistance of the Tokyo Electric Company.

Work carried out
Replacement of the heat-source equipment for the air-conditioning system in the main building (from 2009)

Effects achieved by project
Reduction in CO2 emissions over whole campus of approximately 20%
Equivalent of planting vegetation in an area equal to 3.7 baseball stadiums

What is ESCO?

ESCO (Energy Service Company) is an enterprise that makes comprehensive use of the technology, equipment, human resources, and financing necessary for energy-saving measures, and guarantees their effect.

In the year 2010, ESCO’s consciousness of the concern for global environment problems was recognized and it was awarded a special certificate of appreciation from the Heat Pump & Thermal Storage Technology Center of Japan.

In addition, ESCO has been involved in various activities such as Cool Biz and Warm Biz to protect the global environment.

Other Activities by Jissen

Activities to prevent harassment
In order to champion human rights and ensure a comfortable educational, research, study, and working environment for students and staff, Jissen has carried out various measures to prevent sexual harassment, academic harassment, power harassment or any other forms of harassment, and has determined the action to take if any problems originating in harassment occur.

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