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Departments, Content of Teaching

Jissen Women's Junior College consists of two communication departments: Japanese Communication and English Communication. Students in each department study a language (Japanese or English) which forms the foundation and nucleus of communication, and on top of that several courses are provided that enable the students to acquire special knowledge or skills.

Department of Japanese Communication


Nurturing cultured young women who possess beautiful Japanese ability and shine in society

The theme of our department is to provide a base of specialist education in Japanese language, Japanese literature, and Japanese culture, and to pursue specialist knowledge and skills in the various courses. Our students study all aspects of communication, including the use of polite language and writing skills. On top of this, we provide two courses, and students can deepen their knowledge to match their chosen career. These two courses are Information Technology Skills to acquire technical skills and specialist knowledge related to computers, Communication Skills to act as an axis for communication ability in business situations.

Department of English Communication


Gaining fundamental knowledge of the tourism industry in the Tourism Business Course and acquiring communicative English skills in the Global Communication Course

The Department of English Communication comprises two courses: the Tourism Business Course and the Global Communication Course. The former provides an opportunity to learn about the mechanisms of the tourism industry, including travel agencies, the lodging industry, restaurant management and the airline business, among others. The latter aims to nurture intercultural communication skills. Both courses feature practical, communicative English language lessons, based on recent research in second language education.

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