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Faculty of Humanities
Department of English


Academic Degree
Ph. D (English)
Research Areas
African American Literature and Culture

Research Papers

Single Author “ ‘Quarreling She-Crabs’: The Tide of Black Progress in Toni Morrison’s Love” Studies in English Literature (Regional Branches Combined Issues) Vol. 3, 2011, 203-217.

Single Author “Hospitable Carefulness: Race and Narration in Toni Morrison’s Jazz” Studies in Liberal Arts and Scinences (Tokyo University of Science) No. 42 111-128.

Books etc

Multiauthor Henry David Thoreau and the American Spirit: In Search of the Origin of American Literature (The Thoreau Society of Japan, The Grant-in-Aid for Publication of Scientific Research Results Grant No. 245042) 2012, 156-168

Presentation (Single Author) “Enfacing and Effacing the Cultural Other: Property and Democracy for Bayard Taylor and William Speiden Jr.” 114th Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association
Annual Conference, 11/11/2016

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